Getting those feet wet: The Sunday Currently I

August has finally rolled in, which means there are just five months left in this crazy year. My, my, how time flies. I’m still finding my momentum amid all the changes that are ongoing, but I’m grateful for the prep last year provided and the companions who make every new burden a little more fun to do.

Unfortunately my writing has settled itself in the trunk as I go on this current ride. I crammed enrolling into residency for grad school last week, and it only hit me then that I am, officially, in the writing writing stage of the program. And that, I have yet to even officially start.

I can go on and on about how difficult it is to write–to sit down and enjoy the solitude of stumbling through words–against all the exhausting priorities and responsibilites that come with being a department head. Or I can spend my free time at least trying to write.

So here’s a blog post to fill the spaces that have settled into dust. Life is about developing habits, so I shall attempt such with the Sunday currently.

Re-reading Isak Denisen’s “Babette’s Feast” & Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Diaries of a Young Poet.”


The solitude of an empty home. Sunday mornings are best spent in silence.

About how the perfect cup of coffee make a difference in a day, how you never really know until you try, how dating someone your age or older actually makes a huge difference in the little things, and how I don’t mind spending the Saturday evening watching a movie at home over spontaneous drinks

The cool air after a spell of rain.

For a little breather in between or after the coming crazy weeks at work. There are three projects pushing through at the same time, yet I just got regularized. I can officially enjoy paid vacations, but duties may delay that perk further.

A purple shirt and checkered boxers.

My best friends, my loving family, and the amazing new companions I’ve met and laugh with everyday this year 🙂

Financial stability.

Calm yet anticipating the coming events. If there’s one thing 2015 has taught me, it is never, ever boring. Haha.

Tumblr. Inquirer. Facebook.

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