The pop culture lookback

It’s been a rocky six seasons, but the series finale reminded viewers of what Gossip Girl ultimately is and should be remembered as: a soapy, cheeky guilty pleasure.

‘Til next time.


– The Hollywood Reporter


A long time coming–six years in fact, with one season I missed entirely from sheer boredom. The campy events, unrealistic but exciting plotlines, the succession of hookups, breakups, and flings, the endless array of outfit pegs, and the triad of eye candy that was Nate, Chuck, and Dan. The Greatest Show of Our Time (as named by NY Mag) is finally over.

According to Leighton Meester, she went from “20 to 26” on this show, just like a lot of its viewers. An odd age for many early 20s somethings to be watching high school/college kids scheme, lie, and sleep together all with the security of trust funds, but the guilty joys from this glamorous CW creation pulled us through early adulthood with the ridiculous but ever entertaining Rich People Problems of the Upper East Side. I’m gonna miss you B, N, C, Lonely Boy, and even S. 

Now, where will we get the outfits to aspire to in the next six years, ladies?

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