The grateful list

Blessings abound, no matter how others attempt to take what they perceive as “everything” away from you. Time and again, in the short 25 years of my life, the universe has never left me short of:

  1. A family that has stayed together, amid the odds, and has loved and will continue to love one another no matter what
  2. An extended family that is always there, whether through the good times or the bad
  3. Loyal, wise, and the right-kind-of-crazy friends, specifically from all points of my life–I have never left a phase of my life “alone”
  4. The determination to have a dream, make it possible, and all the opportunities to enable me in making that dream a reality
  5. Practicality, wisdom, courage amid fear and failure, and breeding. But I also have 1, 2, 3 to thank for that. 

And at the end of the day, these 5 things are all one really needs to come out of a terrifying situation stronger. 


With that, it’s time to move on.

Of hellos and farewells

I remember how much I wanted to work with you. I first sent your publisher several of my amateur works to apply as a contributor. There was the courteous but ultimately, indefinite response. Then months later, a friend who was on board in your team informed me of an opening. Several article edits later, I had transformed a surf story into a piece that was published in your 2nd issue.

Fast forward to two years, three layout artists, two 2-week rush issues, three memorable trips, and everything in between. You’ve got a new look, a new team, and new chapter ahead of you. Same goes for me, as we are now running parallel to one another.


I could have left you on better terms. But maybe we both needed that “cleansing” for me to let you go.

People, places, things we run across are never really ours. You felt like you were ours (because back then, I did not work alone ;), but ultimately, you are an experience worth giving away as well.

To borrow from a sentence in my final paper’s outline on travel writing: Places will always change and so will the self as he/she discovers these spaces. Yet there is a permanence in impermanence, finding a new appreciation for what the country has to offer, no matter how defined or drastic its changes.

And with that, I officially bid adieu 🙂

Hello October

You are the conclusion to the storm that was September.

You are exactly what I needed: a tough wake up call that would push (or rather, ‘gently’ shove) me into a new chapter.

You are yet another chance. I feel like a cat with 9 lives, and I’m pushing my luck. But if I waste the physical and emotional chances this time around, then you can get rid of me then.

My life hasn’t had many clear conclusions. I’ve left two gray er, ‘areas’, from a lack of (mutual) understanding. I left a few friendships hanging and they’ve been reduced into strangers. I graduated without any certainty on what my career would be. 

But here I am, and here you are, another October. Another quarter in the year. Another month in my soon-to-be-25-years of life. You closed the door, and left me walking into a familiar path. Not too familiar, but welcoming enough (I hope).

I’m not quite sure what to expect. But thanks for teaching me to let go September (same goes with August, of course). And for the rest of 2012? Thanks for never spoiling me. It’s exactly what I need before easing into my mid-twenties in the next quarter.