A thank you list

It’s been a loooooooong while since I’ve done this. So here’s a list to cap off what was an eventful, but ultimately, a blessed week and what it gave without any expectations:

  1. Another chance at life. And many more every time I cross a street and end up on the other side.
  2. A longer life for my parents and another chance for all four (five, with our new puppy!) of us to stay together as a family.
  3. A longer life made bearable despite the constant annoyances by the unique mix of friends I have at work and outside of it.
  4. The birth of a good friend’s child! Congratulations on your healthy baby boy πŸ™‚ Motherhood has kept you beautiful as ever.
  5. Proving yet again, I can accept and fulfill a challenge, along with help from a new friend.
  6. The assurance of financial stability given without any bugging from my side. Sometimes, opportunities suddenly arrive in your inbox, metaphorically falling onto my lap.
  7. Proving to myself (by simply deciding to help a friend with her CRAZY amount of work) I can do InDesign. I’ve been InDenial too long, thinking I could only do text adjustment. But as Kiki said, “just play with it” (ayy) and the rest follows. Pat on the back when the boss said the work (albeit a template I just tweaked, nothing fancy or challenging!) I did “looked great!” Also, he is no longer surprised two of his writers now are capable of layout :)))).
  8. The realization that God does answers prayers, sometimes, in very unconventional ways. Or maybe he was just waiting for this little act to settle itself according to inevitable events πŸ˜‰
  9. Loving what I study and learning something new twice a week.

Thank you, thank you.


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