Shameless plugging

I don’t usually plug events or anything related to my work, but considering my reading list, the few I have connections via this blog, and the larger connections they have, I’ll be needing the speed of online dissemination for this promotion.

Lonely Planet Magazine PH will be introducing a new section to its upcoming issue: The Photo Story. It will feature a collection of photographs that are not only print-worthy but also storytelling, arranged around a narrative about a inspiring destination, preferably in the Philippines.

To get a chance to be part of this exciting new section, the following should be submitted:

• Five to six photos that tell a story about the destination assigned. All photos should be unified under one theme so that the story is clear to the reader. Photos can range from landscape, portraiture, food – anything that relates to travel.
• One paragraph that talks about the theme or the story being told in the photo essay. This paragraph will serve as the introduction.
• Each photo should have an accompanying caption that tells specifics about the subject and how it relates to the entire essay.

Feel free to send your entries over at



And because I have a natural bias, I am looking at MARTIN, JUSTIN, and AIA, travelers I know who have an eye for stories and details 😉

That is all 🙂



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