Yet another grateful list

It’s been a while since I’ve done this; and considering the amount of work, stress, and emotion the last few weeks have put me through, I need this. I need this to remind myself why I go on, why I bother, and why I live.

  1. Having friends, family, and a boyfriend who will have my back no questions asked. Kakaiba kayo. Thank you.
  2. Meeting strangers and acquiantances who appreciate the amount of work you put into something you love. People defending that hard work, no questions asked.
  3. Loving what I do, regardless of the challenges.
  4. The opportunities to step up and be ahead of myself; all of which surprise even myself with my secret abilities.
  5. Wine and cheese getting my attention on this night in particular. Oh and surprise moments that let me feel kilig like a high schooler all over again, he-he.
  6. Getting into UP and its MA Creative Writing program. This was planned nearly three years ago, and it will happen in a week!
  7. Blessings >>>>>>>>>>> setbacks.
  8. Being raised and being smart enough to rise up after a minor slip. Thank you previous years and my parents for showing me the way to going on, no matter what.

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