Life goes on

It may seem like I’ve taken a hiatus from writing, but alas, ‘life’ as they say, has taken over. Or rather, the indecision or uncertainty with my own words in how to capture the pretty significant events in the past few weeks. Memories have been made, along with new chapters opened and doors closed (but windows kept open). All right, I’m sounding very, very vague. Let me clear up what has been:

1. As seen in the last writing exercise I posted, I went to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia with my high school friends. The trip was definitely an adventure, as we conquered wild rapids and survived an intentionally capsized raft. I also fell in love with the sea–not just the clear, pristine, aquamarine surface that reflects the sky, but also the depths that are home to schools of fish and technicolor corals. I finally understood why so many make the effort to submerge and explore what lies beneath.

2. A really, really good friend migrated a few weeks ago. I’ve had several friends leave the country since high school, and I’ve been to my share of despedidas. And I knew this friend had plans of leaving and going back to her roots–it was just a matter of when. It did happen, and it’s somehow sunk in, but not quiet. But the awesome thing about it? She’s in a city that I also fell in love with once upon post-graduation and I have an excuse to visit.

3. On the first week of March, I took an exam that would seal my fate in the next five or less years. With the questions having answers that would be assessed subjectively, I was second guessing the style I had attempted and the flow I managed in four hours. But I made it, thanks to my determination, recommendation letters from three awesome professors, a portfolio achieved in the last six years, and an application essay guided by that person who unknowingly pushed me into crossing this line. I am officially a graduate student of the College of Art and Letters in UP Diliman. Honing my writing has just begun.

4. It’s only been four months since 2011, but my lifestyle last year seems so far from what I am currently living. Knowing that I had to start grad school this year, I had to give up late night to early morning parties. The last actual drunken night I had was during my birthday celebration; otherwise, if I have too much alcohol, my body doesn’t seem to agree. That, along with eating too much. My appetite is now more vocal about its limits. I could be getting old, or it’s just the universe’s most direct way of telling me to get my eating and drinking habits together.

And just to drive that point further (no pun intended), the taxi I rode last Friday (early) morning nearly ran into a car that was driven by a drunk person. The taxi driver went on cue at the green light, but the car coming from the other side at the intersection decided to be an asshole; thankfully Manong stopped in time, only to be faced with a shotgun passenger holding a bottle in his right hand and giving him the middle finger. Ah, assholes. Then there are the assholes who drink and drive. The day before, I came from a wake. Oh death, how you love making yourself known to me.

Life is short, but we don’t really fathom this meaning as the days go on. Maybe when we’re at the end of our days or have finally accepted our mortality can we really understanding the temporary state of our existence. But one thing I can fathom is how we need to keep moving forward. This year has been taking new steps and starting chapters, to take new chances and let go of any hangups that are holding us back. Time moves forward, and if we get left behind, then time is wasted. So is our short moment on earth. And just like that, it could all be gone.


One thought on “Life goes on

  1. We’re moving forward, Gelaloo. Here’s to life from this fork in the road; here’s to the period that will be the subject matter of future conversations.

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