Yesterday and today

In the last one and a half years, I’ve put up with negative comments ,uncalled for accusations, unnecessary demands, impractical responsibilities, and well, the list goes on. The point of that list of rants? I’ve managed to do all of them–not alone of course, but with an ah-mah-zing (amazing) set of people sharing the burden with me. We all managed to achieve them, and not to brag, but pulled it all off with surprisingly positive results. Some of my partners-in-task-crime have moved on, others stay and continue to share the long to-do list with me.

Today, just about I was to leave, I heard yet-another-uncalled-for-comment. Had it been me 1.5 years ago, I would have stormed out and sent my first partner a long text about how it hurt, how it brought me down, and how it makes me wonder why I’m still there. Fast forward to now,  I simply shrugged it off and left without any hang ups. I mentioned it to my latest partner on the way to the mall, but he had pretty much the same reaction: the commenter was having a bad day. What can we do?

It’s true what they say: you can’t control a situation, but you can control how you react to it. It took me quite a while (a long, long while) to learn the meaning of this, but the fruits of that long process are worth the long wait. I know my worth and I know my capabilities–some words are simply such: words. Actions really do speak louder than them, and no one can deny the truth of proof, evidence, and testimony. And knowing all this is what held me away from reacting negatively to negativity. It’s not a positive spin. I don’t believe in positive spins to people or situations that bring you down. But I do believe in keeping your sanity and pride a float, and having the strength to swim or pull away from a force that can drown you.


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