Quick Rant

Write, just write. But write with a purpose in mind, with the basic parts in mind, because otherwise, you won’t make that deadline once you’re lost in between two paragraphs or sentences. Never mind the grammar—for now—but mind the direction in which your words are going towards. You should, at the very least, give a hint of the idea or the story, and not leave the reader wondering what you were trying to say in the first place.

Do not rely on your editor or go-to critic to tell you the POINT, the DIRECTION, and THE ENDING of your story. At the very least, he/she should have a hint or feeling of what it is on your third draft. Because if your editor ends up having to research online for the information and the general purpose of the story, then he/she will end up rewriting and redefining your piece. And if he/she has to resort to online information—then that defeats of putting your hard earned work on another medium.

So please writers, feeling writers, beginner writers, and for-the-face-and-PR-writers, do your editors a favor and FINISH what you’ve started. Don’t just submit the FIRST draft; give the THIRD, so that he or she doesn’t have to intrude and think, “why were you assigned to write in the first place?”

Editors are here to make you look good, but we are not here to finish your piece when you’re too lazy to do so—if that is the case, give us free reign and interview you instead so we can set the general direction. And if you can’t stand thinking amid “writer’s block,” then why are you writing in the first place? Don’t reduce our jobs to mere “assisting” or in taking all the credit if you didn’t bother taking the extra mile to sound as best as you could.

Be grateful if your piece sounds better than you expected; I’ve felt more satisfaction and pride over a non-writer getting commended for his piece because a) he said, “it reads well, thank you!” b) he had a story, it was there. When information was lacking, he supplied the necessary information. I just had to organize his thoughts and string the pieces together.

Writing is willing yourself to write, and rewrite, no matter how many times it takes. If you do not respect this process, then let those who are open to suffering the consequences reap the rewards of such hard work.



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