The Grateful Files

I’ve written time and again in my personal journal that I would strive to be less bitter about life. I know it will take decades before anger isn’t my default state, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be content with what I’ve worked for and what life has blessed me with. Here’s another round of the grateful files:

  1. Having saved enough money to go on my three-day trip to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia next Friday. Ever since the year has started, the work has been non-stop. The timing of this trip is impeccable; although the date was planned by the tour group we’re traveling with, the circumstances surrounding the dates will truly make those days a much needed vacation.
  2. Free entrance at the Bside gig last night! Thanks to the Australian Embassy for sponsoring the event–twas an unexpected night of good music, good company, and good beer. Oh yeah, and of course, mind numbing/laglag panty guitaris–guitars. Super thaanks to Hijo for the free CDs of their latest LP. Watch out for their band photos in DPP’s next issue 🙂 ohandthanksayraforthatrandombutnakilignamanakonabow.
  3. More than enough food on the table, two homes to run to, a complete family, a job that pays the bills and I don’t regret (despite the stress, I swear, hahahaaaa), the love of my life’s never ending support, and surprise Internet connections.

Thank you universe. You’ve driven me crazy the last few months, but the good stuff in between lets me look back with a smug smile.


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