You’ve got the love

I am no longer a fan of romantic statements that try to pass themselves off as “deep” and/or “literary.” You see, I used to be a sucker for romantic comedies and was envious of girls who got large bouquets and serenades in the middle of class. In fact, a long Valentine’s day ago, I was disappointed for a while cause boy Y didn’t seem to have a surprise for me. Then two Valentines from then, I got mad at current guy for not giving me a “good enough” surprise.

The problem with romantic movies, comedies, and those silly e-mail forwards about “true love”, is that they set women up for unrealistic expectations. I was an unlucky victim.


Single folks put Valentines into perspective: Why should you force yourself to be sweet on one particular day? Isn’t it more heart felt and touching if it was done on another, unexpected date? It’s also much cheaper and less of a rip off if you give flowers and chocolates in the summer.

So, are over priced roses really worth the extra celebration?

I can happily say YES, it is. Roses, chocolates, and a delicious dinner is worth all that trouble if you’re enjoying all that with the right person. And I got to enjoy all that on the 15th of February with someone who has taught me that happiness is a choice, and it’s a feeling worth fighting for once you’ve conquered every other negative feeling and aspect together.

For those who are still lamenting at single hood: happiness can be found in loving yourself, your friends, and your current state in life. After all, that’s what we couples do come Vday. So don’t cry over unrealistic expectations from Hollywood–instead, look at the wonderful things life has given you. Love is all you really need, and it doesn’t have to come in sweeping romantic declarations.




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