So far in 2012

The new year welcomed me with a rush of work. Three magazines, four full-time individuals, two “part-time” helping hands, two new faces, and surprise deadlines. In between: an event that delayed what had to be done, catching up on the rest of the year’s work, black outs, printing issues, and deals that were suddenly closed. Yet finally, after six weeks of uncertainty and unnecessary but worthwhile push and shove, we closed all three issues. The first three for the year,  in fact.

Saying finally never felt so satisfying. Thank you to everyone (you know who you are) who did more than they should. Wait, let me rephrase: those who did what they didn’t have to. Ibang level sense of duty niyo! 

I’d like to think that the last month or so foreshadows the rest of the year–the good parts at least. I look forward to more projects, extra helping hands, new friends, and less limited decision making. That said, I hope the universe takes pity on the ever understaffed team and cuts us a little slack with the drive-me-crazy delays.

Surprisingly, the first thing I thought of after sending everything off for printing: freelance gigs. Yes, my name is Gela, and I am a workaholic.

Apart from the satisfaction of getting the job done, my job let me enjoy last week’s 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival.

We caught the sunrise so we could witness these colorful balloons lift off into the sky. Before, in between, and after, me and my three wonderful friends shared memorable quotes, tanga moments, and relaxing (most of the time, anyway, haha!) time together.

Using the Olympus camera’s Black and White filter. Not in picture: Nigel, the boy behind DPP’s media partnership. Thank you babes! 

Here are more of the adorable balloons that flew at the festival:

All access location, I love it!

I’d end this blog with some cheesy epiphany how these balloons represent opportunity, hope, and dreams lifting off into ambition. But I’m too realistic and cynical sometimes, and it isn’t “me” to say such. The festival was simply a nice break from all the stress I previously mentioned, and a rare opportunity that my work provides. Thank you Hot Air, Caltex, and Nigel. I’m glad to be a girl who happens to be working at the right place, at the right time, and with the right people.

2012 doesn’t quite end here. There’s more, but I have yet to get the right snapshots. To those who are concerned about my mere existence in this universe: abangan!


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