My latest boob tube obsession

After months of delay, I finally got down to watching Downton Abbey, a gripping show for proper English speaking enthusiasts and period piece fashion enthusiasts.

One cannot quite say what this show is exactly about–to put it at its simplest, “it’s about life.” And even though it revolves around the lives of the artistocratic Crawley family and their servants, a working class “commoner” like me found instances so close to the workplace and within friendship/family relationship.

Then, there’s the period fashion!

The posh ladies of the Crowley family.

The three beautiful Crowley sisters. In the middle is my new style icon: Lady Mary.

What draws me to Lady Mary’s style are the elegant drapes and simple but eye catching patterns in her dresses.

There’s also her coats and long skirts, which can easily be worn in today’s work setting!

And it certainly helps that she’s got some arm and eye candy to dress well for.

Yes, I’m a sucker for a gentleman. If only the ways of flirting back, seeking genuine passion, and polite exchange back then could be brought to today’s age of women’s rights.

And yes, after my Morgana medieval dress phase, I’ve moved on to this similar piece from Lita Gown. Thank you!

Obviously this could be yet-another-style-phase, but I think I’ll start canvassing for blouses and skirts that bear a similarity to Downton’s age. Here’s to hoping I have fruitful finds!


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