Cause babies, you’re a firework

Putting together a magazine is not easy. Neither is it as glamorous as the movies, party pictures, and glossy pages tell you. But like I tell everyone when they ask why I’m still clocking in to put together three magazines,I say:  “I love what I do.” Sometimes, of course, what you love doesn’t love you back as much. Yet there are other companions who stick with you throughout that erratic relationship, and keep you strong as they cheer you on. Above are the two wonderful ladies who have loved the magazine with me in the last year or so, and have kept my head above water when things got tough. The gorgeous, multi-colored woman named Aia, on my right (your left), has moved on to greener pastures.

As she said in her blog post about her departure, “Capricorns ruled that magazine.” And we did, despite all the delays, revolutions, and crazy hijinks in between. Given such mad experiences, a family like friendship developed: Aia was in the company long before me and was level headed in the advice she gave me during our crises, she also always had a plan B in mind that never failed. She’s also a lot more organized than me, able to draw lists of things we’ve missed, just to keep everything in perspective. She was like a big sister, giving sage advice and always ready no matter the outcome. Then came in Nina, the smallest (literal) and youngest of us all, whom Aia adopted as her office daughter. She was the wisest of us all, and now, we have to take over and fill in such big shoes to guide the new recruits.

Of course, we had crazy, stupid moments in between all that hard work: giggling and shrieking about boys, mischievous smiles acknowledging that what we overheard from certain entities was WHUT DA LURPAK, drooling over abs when the time permitted, laughing over videos, moaning over the lack of money (because we all just bought from a sale), tanduay ice/shots/beer bottles/siomai for merienda, and all the other crazy shit we could come up with.

 Thankfully such bonding moments left us with an amrazing travel buddy. Here’s to Full Moon, Tomorrowland, and every other Philippine province, Zara! Till the next travel sale or shoe sale 😉

And then, there’s Karla.

The best way to describe Karla is through her laughter: it’s loud, proud, mischievous, and warm. Sometimes the joke isn’t even that funny, but hearing her laugh at it is enough to make you laugh hard. She’s also one of the kindest, most patient, prettiest (totoo na yan ah? :P), sweetest, and most caring people I know. And by kindest, I really mean, kindest. Even after people have taken advantage of her while on the job, she still finishes work and finishes it well. You’ll only hear her complain and talk shit about someone when she has a valid reason to do so. Otherwise she stays friendly, happy, and sweet the whole time. She also has the best quotes…which I won’t post here, just to lessen her embarrassment 😛

Karla extended one more week at the office just to finish her magazine–that’s how hard working and dedicated this girl can get. I can say the same for our friendship: we didn’t grow close automatically (shy type daw nung una, lol!) but when we did start having our sabaw, manyak, shopping moments, the rest was history. She’s been patient with my stress, anger, and WTF drunk moments. Her last week was uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time, but I know that every time we see each other in the future, it won’t be as if we were apart for such a long time. Cause that’s how easy it is to be with Karla. And Karla, F you pa rin for going home, but remember, many are willing to give you a home here in Manila ;).


2 thoughts on “Cause babies, you’re a firework

  1. Aw, Gelaaaaaaa! I’m zoooo touched by this post, ha. Like, really! (Seryoso, touched talaga ako.) I declare “We Found Love” (in a… nevermind…) our theme song. Because that’s what happened. I’m hoping that this won’t be the end of our friendship 🙂

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