I left 2011 with an idea of what 2012 would be like. With major plans made for this year, along with the plans of others’ affecting my job, I was more than certain that 2012 would be a challenge. Thankfully the wonderful people, insights, and blessings that 2011 has provided also let me enter the new year with a sense of optimism. The universe never falls short with blessings, and considering what I’ve been through, I won’t let myself come out of any challenge alive.

Apart from the wonderful people that made 2011 memorable, I hope to bring some of the positivity, wisdom, and courage I learned from last year into 2012. A lot of people said RIP 2011; I say, I’m keeping 2011 as my guidebook for 2012 (yeah, not as catchy, lol). But there are people and aspects of the year that I have to let go of , but I know I’ll get there once the need to do so happens.

Possibly the greatest lesson I’m bringing with me into this year is to never stop persevering. I know 2012’s plans will require this–that along with a lot of patience. There are still many, many things I have to learn–academically, professionally, emotionally, and physically–and I hope to embrace all these new things in the new year.

Patience. Patience will be necessary considering I’ve decided to keep my job. I love what I do, but it’s a struggle to agree with whom I work for. But I’ve managed to survive a year, so that’s enough to give myself another pat on the back. Like I said, there is nothing wrong with choosing to keep a job to support yourself. Independence is still something I working towards, and having to put up with the non-glamour (then again, what job is glamorous?) of a job is just part of that. I cannot change others but I can change my attitude, which brings me to this resolution: a better game face, less anger and more diplomacy. I am also learning from the people I work with and I bow down to how they deal with things. It’s time to take a page from their grace under pressure. If optimism and patience fails, I have a cold demeanor and my surround sound head phones to rely on. Hehe!

The second week of the year has already started. Here’s to hoping my resolve lets me survive it. 😉


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