How does it feel to be 24?

At this point in my life, I’m hanging out/meeting people who usually avoid the following questions: “So what batch ka sa (insert your university here)?” Or “How old are you?” Malalaman mo na lang sa birthday nila, sa facebook, or based on the ages of your mutual friends. But what draws you together is the stress of the working life, the large (and increasing) numbers of bills (especially the c word), price inflation, and basically being a ‘responsible’, grown up member of society. I now understand the need for coffee every morning and like a friend said, why bars are filled after work hours. As much as I joke that it’s always my 21st birthday, I think I can officially care less at 24 (there! I said it!). Life is an amazing blessing, and I definitely feel loved during my yet-another-year on earth.

Looking through my written journal this year, I ran into a lot of work related rants, along with goals that either happened for a while or were procrastinated even until now. I didn’t quite reach the potential I set out for myself, but I did start out this year a bit lost. I was unsure of the direction my career would take, given that I only work in a small company–that, along with a few good friends leaving the office.

Far left: the lovely lady who referred me to my current job; beside her is the other lovely lady who guided me through it all; I’m beside my fellow stress companion in the last year and hopefully throughout the next

Two days from now (and two weeks later), I’ll have to face two more “losses” in my regular routine. I’m starting to see a similar pattern in my working life.

My front mates ever since we moved into the new office. I fondly call them B1 and B2 behind their backs :D. I’ll miss our WTF moments.

But the awesome thing about friends is, your relationship will still work despite the distance.Β It can be a constant, no matter how many things have happened in between. Because you’ll always have something to talk about or you can simply sit still and it won’t matter.

Several awkward years and college crushes later, these girls and I still are making time to see each other. Girl on the left recounted we started being friends after I drank from her jug in grade 7 and we started being hyper; I joked that it was spiked. Ten years later, all three of us (and three more, not in the picture) Β are meeting up to have intentionally spiked drinks πŸ˜‰

My fellow Powerpuff girls aka the best girl friends I met during college. Three relationships, several oddly named crushes, and 10+ terms later, we find no shame in asking for tarot card advice or crying to one another during our darkest times. Whether it’s about love, tragedy, laughter, or some new artery clogging dish, I’m sure to find these two beside me when the worst of life has come.

Life also throws you some unexpected companions. They’re not there to replace the people who’ve left; they’re just part of that saying, people comeΒ and go. They add a little color, mixing up the palette that your life constantly creates and recreates.

Ang lalaki ay parang leche flan, minsan sweet, minsan leche. And with small packages come great things; to the happiest companion I’ve had in the last six months, thank you! πŸ™‚

And because in this crazy world, all we really have is who were with at the moment, we always make sure to look for one another (no matter what the hour, lol!).

And because I do not want to miss any of the wonderful people who have made this year amazing, bearable, and exciting, someone will get a special mention (since we have no group picture together). Because every time we met up with another, there was always some traffic, meeting, or god-knows-what delaying our much needed cocktails. But we pushed through with the much needed ranting, raving, and hugging nonetheless. Here’s to more misadventures on the way to our meet ups, Ms. Amanda St. Clair :))

We better get a decent picture with Johna during our 2012 (hopefully) monthly meet ups πŸ˜‰

Of course, I wouldn’t have felt so loved during my birthday if it wasn’t for the one who’s been at my side in the last four years. He surprised me with a video of my friends sending out sweet birthday messages–many of them wonderfully unexpected and tear jerking.

I am the luckiest girl in the world. Like Lorraine said, “I used to cook rice in your kitchen. Now you’ve found someone who’ll cook for you.” Ayiii! Apart from cooking, he takes care of me, believes in me, and is always honest with me. A girl can’t ask for anymore.

Another deserving (sort of) solo will be given to my ultimate best friend: my sister. Because she hates pictures, she’ll have to bear with a graphic interpretation. Hehe!

Thanks for all the misadventures, whether on a pen and paper RPG, while getting stuck kayaking through Ha Long Bay, or simply getting lost through the streets. Tootytootz! Don’t stop believing.

Now that I’m several pictures through this post, I realize I don’t take enough images of the people who’ve made mark in my life. I also have to reconnect with the rest, despite the convenient Twitter and Facebook interaction we have on a weekly basis. They say that behind every great man is a great woman. In my case, behind me are many wonderful men and women. Twenty-three had its ups and downs, but there were always those who brought me back up or didn’t mind going down with me.

Change is terrifying, but given the adjustments I’ve managed to survive through and the blessings I’ve kept, I think 24 is an age worth looking forward to. Although I had started out the year a bit lost, I did manage to find the direction I was headed to. I could have planned it a lot earlier, but I’ve discovered that I seem to make the best decisions several experiences later. With my grad school application requirements about begging to be finished, I hope I can find more opportunities (or at least another turn) into my career. There’s also the game face (and attitude) I’ll need for my job, which will hopefully bring what my colleagues and I do best to the next level.

In terms of my insatiable wanderlust, I already have a trip to Malaysia set out in March. Given the new responsibilities that are just two days ahead, I’ll have to lessen my trips and focus my finances on practical matters. But knowing my sneaky methods and the unorthodox ways of the universe, I hope that there are more places to scratch off my mental travel list in the next year. It doesn’t have to be several countries in a continent–I’ll be content with one country (really).

Here’s to a Happy New Year and more memorable moments ahead! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “How does it feel to be 24?

  1. It’s nice to see a post filled with pictures of people, aside from an enumeration of events and things. πŸ™‚ Happy new year, Gela! Here’s to an exciting 2012 ahead. I can feel it, in my bones. We’re kicking arses next year.

    Also, here’s to that much-needed trio photo!

  2. “Ang lalaki ay parang leche flan, minsan sweet, minsan leche. And with small packages come great things; to the happiest companion I’ve had in the last six months, thank you! :)”

    – Since your photo includes us three, can I be assuming and think that you were pertaining all of us here? πŸ™‚ VIRTUAL HUUUUG. To a great (and less sabaw, harhar) 2012! πŸ™‚

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