The greatest lesson 2011 has taught me

As long as you have several reasons to be thankful for–as long as you have blessings in spite of the adversities, then you should be complaining less and smiling more.

Our brothers and sisters in Mindanao are experiencing a tragedy my feelings can only grasp mentally. Sendong is not only the wrath of nature at its angriest–it is yet-another wake up call that we must take care of our environment and constantly acknowledge how powerless we are without taking care of our earth and one another. Our fellow Filipinos have lost loved ones, livelihoods, money, homes, and other traumatizing aspects And as much as we hate to define ourselves with these aspects, it is what we hold on to as we go through life. So let’s not take for granted what we already have and quit the whining if none of it feels “enough.” Let’s also not forget to extend a hand to those in need; donations are still being accepted at LBC, Red Cross, and at your local parish.


Dear Universe,

I’m sorry I wasn’t more thankful in the last 12 months. But now I am. I honestly can’t ask for more. The list I’m about to present is only a sign that I must do more and not waste my time away. Life, get ready for me again!

  1. More work opportunities. And finally that push to apply for graduate studies.
  2. Old friendships strengthened
  3. New ones made! I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for us :))
  4. Safe and enjoyable trips around Vietnam…TWICE! First time was alone, where I discovered you can stick me anywhere and the next an enjoyable adventure with family 😀
  5. Memorable work trips to Camarines Sur, Clark, and Bukidnon. We have such a beautiful country! I’m grateful I got started in seeing some of it 🙂
  6. Safe trips home after late night outs (I don’t doubt that some men aren’t assholes because I’ve met gentlemen kind enough to drop me off home at the crack of dawn)
  7. And related to number 6: the universe reminding me to alert when I nearly got mugged in a taxi (on the way to work; imagine, number six was much safer)
  8.  Another year into my relationship; seriously, what did I do to deserve him? 😀
  9. A step closer to independence aka the ability to support myself 80% of the time, and also the ability to help my family
  10. There were events that pissed me off, left me wondering, why is something so simple so hard to remedy? But you universe, taught me to be more patient and pointed out how wrong I was to deal with these things (and people) in my anger. Here’s to a more good vibes/quieter me in 2012?
  11. 1-9 >>>>> 10. At the end of the day, numbers do matter, and I will look back at 2011 with a smile. And a few embarrassing giggles in between.

I think DJ Earworm’s 2011 Mashup is the best summary of the year that was:


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