Horrah for home bound holidays

Thanks to Andres Bonifacio’s rally for a revolution, I am able to take a one-day break from the realities of the city and work life. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect (refer to the bitter, bitter previous entry). I am actually able to enjoy the slow calm of a holiday. Yes, in the middle of the week, I am not chasing after something or grumbling about someone.

The day started terribly. I woke up with an emotional hangover. I hated not knowing what to do with my bitterness, so I went to one of my awesome friends, George. George is a bear–okay, he’s cuddly,  loveable, and friendly like a bear. He’s not only adorable and tall, but also gives sage advice on everything. It also helps he’s taking a human resources management course, so his knowledge is useful to my crisis. I sought his advice in the form of tarot cards. And the cards were very sensible:

The main theme of my reading: the hierophant. According to learntarot.com, it can hold the following meanings:

getting an education: pursuing knowledge

becoming informed
increasing understanding
studying and learning
seeking a deeper meaning
finding out more

George’s interpretation: “You need to achieve an epiphany before moving on to better things.”

It was a humbling and enlightening experience, being told these words. And anyone aware (and has felt the wrath) of my pride would be surprised I took his words to heart.

Sometimes we need a slap on the face to get over ourselves. Some people are best told gently, but then I know I can take a surprise punch or slap with enough reflection. I am still growing up, and there are things I need to learn to prepare myself for the future. We can’t expect things to just come to us, we have to work for them. And sometimes the challenges (and shit) involved with getting there may not seem worth it–but it will get you somewhere, and it will aid you in the future. We have to work to get to where we want, to move on. We cannot just leave without resolving the things that bother us, and improving upon ourselves. It’s simply a matter of getting ready, and making yourself stronger for the challenges to come. No one ever said life would be easy.




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