Umitim ka

In English, your skin is darker.

This doesn’t come as any surprise to me since:

1) I came from a swimming spree last last weekend

2) The weather has been summer hot, and since I’m a commuter, I expose myself to the sun walking from point A, to point B, to point C, etc.

What irks me is why people have to ask WHY I am getting darker. If you imprison me in a room, yes my skin is bound to be pale. But since I work and like to go out, the sun is bound to get to my skin.

I am a Filipina, so my skin is bound to get darker. Why are my fellow countrymen so shocked then that my skin can change after several hours under the sun? Growing darker, and not RED, also means my skin has better chances against the UV. So I’m sorry if it’s not the “nice” white you prefer, but Pinoy ako eh. Live with it. I actually enjoy being tan, so please just don’t press the issue of my color. It’s not your skin, it’s mine.

Of course, the downside are the UV rays that can lead to skin cancer. So to protect my golden skin from the UV rays, I tried using Clinique’s city block. Unfortunately it made my skin oilier and took a long time to dry after application.

So I went to around two malls and a supermarket in search of the right face protector. Not one for swimming or the beach; just something that wouldn’t upset my skin’s balance.

Instead, all I ended up seeing were products like these:

I realize that the stigma of looking white supposedly means you are of “higher class” (god knows I feel that at work all the fff time…anywaaaay).  Apparently it’s cause being tanned means you look like nagtatrabaho ka sa bukid.

But class cannot be bought and true beauty is exemplified in embracing who you are. So no whitening products, I want my skin protected, but not to the point I don’t look like myself. And a tan can also mean that I go to the beach regularly. Oh diba, sosyal? May pera akong pangtravel! Hahaha! It also means I commute, which can be a bitch, but is a part of who I am. Why deny it right?

Thankfully a friend referred to me Olay’s anti aging cream. I had no choice, even if I’m too young for this. It outright stated UV protection (SPF 15), had a not so oily base, and didn’t have to force me into the promise of becoming a white swann.

Flawless din ang brown noh

Another bane of living in a “wannabe white” culture? BUYING FOUNDATION! Once I’ve saved enough for a foundation my tita recommended (she has the same skin tone), I’ll be sure to write up a post here.

And so begins a morena’s search for enhancing what’s already there 😉

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