Remember, remember the first of November

The Reading Front

Inspired by my friends’ and colleagues’ book lists and book pages on their blogs, I included a list of my own on this blog. I’m 50 percent through A Dance with Dragons, but certain chapters are such a bane and struggle to get through. Martin’s plot is no longer working towards a definite conclusion, but simply delaying the answer to the burning question of his story: Who will win the Game of Thrones? Although most books go into subplots that connect to a bigger picture, leading to an aha! moment so stunning (yet not as surprising, once you’ve gotten over the initial shock), Martin just seems to be shitting subplots without weighing their consequences properly.

There are still more titles to finish and start, but I can’t seem to multitask books like I do with television shows. Since reading requires all six senses to work at my control, it doesn’t feel right to exhaust all of them then force them to work into the enjoyment of another plot and set of characters. I never gave myself a deadline, after all, with that long list, right? Hahaha, excuses!

Horror-rific Halloween

In lieu with the day the dead walk among the living, my sister, sister-at-heart, and boyfriend had a “halloween themed marathon” at our house. We watched the first two episodes of The Walking Dead’s 2nd season and the first four epsiodes of American Horror Story. There was no Asian horror in between or to end the night, so I was able to sleep by myself. I am quite impressed with AHS, given that it’s by the same dudes who did Glee. I hope it doesn’t fall into Glee‘s downward spiral and keeps up the creepy. Now I can’t watch that show alone (I’ve screamed twice so far in surprise and terror), but I still need to know what happens next. Effective tension-ridden horror? Most definitely!

Long Weekends

Last week’s long weekend is coming to an end, but the next one only leaves three days to catch up with work. But since my work is sort of people dependent (ie replying to e-mails, their schedules), life’s surprises can only tell the time line the rest of this year follows.

And speaking of this year, it’s TWO MONTHS now till the end of 2012. My self-imposed deadline has me terrified.

But the end of the year/a new year deserves another post of course.

For now, I am ever grateful for 2011 so far. But new chapters must be started.




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