Life is wonderful

A chef once told me that food is a visceral experience; that it is living. I think the same words can be used to describe live music. Hip swaying, foot stomping, scream inducing, and simply talent stunning music that is.

For example, Mr. Jason Mraz and Toca Rivera.

I first fell in love with Jason in 2004-2005, when he made me relate to the relaxing track Sleep All Day. I didn’t religiously follow him after Waiting for my Rocket to Come, but his tracks always made me listen. This year, I got a complete discography collection that included his live stuff. I fell in love all over again. The universe reinforced our reunion with this year’s concert at the Araneta Coliseum.

The night was magical. Every track had the audience singing along, but when he and Toca rocked out on their instruments, we were stunned in silence and amazement. But his fun teases and quips in between tracks kept the audience alert and craving for more of his good-for-the-soul music.

My personal favorite teases he did with the audiences? Him singing ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and WONDER WALL in between tracks.

Then there was when he was just making conversation…with the audience.

Jason: I can see you blowing kisses.

Me: THAT WAS ME!!!!!!

Nina: EASY! EASY! Stepping in as heart monitor. =))

He also told us some beautiful messages.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Peace starts with us helping one another.

Real men don’t buy girls.

Raw, real, and continuously improved talent is rare in today’s auto-tune, synthesizer era. Thank God for the simple, soulful, yet powerful acoustics and poetic words of Jason Mraz.

Till 2012 Mr. A-Z, sabi mo eh. 😉


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