A few (lazy) updates

In the last few weeks…

Our 40th baby has been out, sold out in some stores. Saw two copies in SM Clark if anyone’s still looking. Teehee.

Another (and apparently “last”) Friday night with the girls and guys (not in picture). Contained my liquor and went home sleepy rather than sabaw hung over. But come Monday…

With my fellow two idiots (not in picture: Nina Marfa), after a few shots and card games. Never again will I spend a Monday night dri—oh wait, that’s the plan again tomorrow. Oh well.

Yesterday, after almost devouring an entire menu, spending the morning swimming, the previous night drinking (and watching weiiird dances), and watching my photographer buddy shoot the hotel. We almost lost someone in between; there were also honest discussions over beer and the people we met. An awesome weekend.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the office grind.  Let’s hope it doesn’t begin with me panicking over deadlines.

One thought on “A few (lazy) updates

  1. There is a progression of you in your photos: fun night out, fun camwhoring, fun lying around on a king-size bed, and then.

    :)) I miss magazine work, and you guys.

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