Do you have that one song you ALWAYS sing along to when it comes on the radio? It’s that song you know all the words too, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve last played it on your computer/car radio/iPod/stereo. If you’re old enough, you used to loop it on its album CD. And since I am old enough, only a select few of my friends actually know this song.

My song is Summer Romance by Incubus. I was crossing my fingers during their concert, hoping they’d play it. But alas, it was a promotional concert. Nonetheless, I sort of got my wish seeing this live video of them playing MY SONG at Mountan View.

And just when I thought it was amazing enough to hear them play it again live, Mike Einziger surprises me with an incredible guitar solo. Guhhhh.

Great way to start my morning, along with my cup of ca phe! 🙂

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