Hello WordPress, hello again blogging universe

Hello universe. I’ve once again shifted blogging systems. After attempting to maintain a regular blog at blogspot, I’ve decided to join the WordPress bunch for a few reasons: first, I prefer their dashboard page. It’s cleaner and clearer, making it easy to adjust the blog’s look, pages, and links.

Second, the interface for writing the blogs feels like a fancy notebook. I always find more motivation to write when the notebook’s paper is clean or has a captivating design. You could say wordpress is the techie equivalent of those Php 200-400 notebooks in Fully Booked.

Third, WP has better looking and much more template options. Having worked in the magazine industry, a readable look matters. And blogger’s confusing settings just don’t package my words right. Given my rambling McRambleson-ness, I’ll need all the deceit needed to look good, harhar.

That and, when something looks good, I’m more motivated to work on it more often. Yeah, I’m superficial that way.

Fourth…well, that’s pretty much it. I just needed to give a formal introduction. For now, this is all, (along with a first in a long time post on ATT) as I have a book to edit. Not my own, unfortunately. But it’s a start.


One thought on “Hello WordPress, hello again blogging universe

  1. I agree with all four points – I also prefer writing on a nicer interface (or notebook). It’s somehow more motivating. Hooray and congrats on the newly ‘renovated’ space! ^_^

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