We are loved

Many bands have come to Manila, but there are very few I’ll bang out the buck for. Twice, there was Incubus, and I’d do it all over again. If Muse came, I wouldn’t have a second thought about giving up nights outs and the next series of shoe sales just to see them live.

Then, there’s Mr. Mraz. He had me at sleeping all day while I waited for my rocket to come in high school.

I never got to see him during his small concert 5 or 6 years ago. I heard a super fan traded his shoes for Jason’s since they had the same size.

But all I want is his voice serenading me all night. Hence, a special acoustic evening come October 30. The ticket says, “You are loved.”

This night has been a long time coming. My Mraz love went on a hiatus mid-college, but it’s not like I switched the radio station when his songs came on. I was sure to get a copy of the new hit minutes after. Two years later, thanks to my musicially inclined friends at work (see picture above), I’ve been re-exposed to his genius and sweet melodies. So it comes without question, we will be loved at the end of October.


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