Early 2011, I was bidding farewell to the regular sight of a few, amazing, new friends.

Mid 2011, I said hello to another set of new friends and new responsibilities. It was also a series of last Friday nights.

Enter the ber months, and what’s soon to be late 2011. I’ll be celebrating one more year into my relationship come October. In December, I’ll be 24 (yet continue to tell people I’m 21). I’m also considering a major decision for mid-2012.

It’s been two years since I’ve graduated from college. Six since I was 18, naive (and probably still, slightly am), and unsure of myself. I usually laugh at myself when I remember what 18 was like (you idiot. Seriously?! haha!). And three years since I decided to march to an uncertain but fulfilling beat.

I like counting back. It makes me realize how far I’ve gone, and how much more I have to cover.


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