For life

In a burst of uncertainty and fear, I declared to a good friend of mine that I was holding myself back from happiness with the job I’m currently in. I felt envy from what people who’ve moved on were telling me, feeling deprived that I could not broadcast the happy sentiments they were reporting. There were also personal issues going on, which unfortunately had to mix with work, making an escape all the more attractive than feeling stuck and hindered.

But that good friend kept me grounded, and snapped me back to reality with this wise piece of advice: (paraphrased) Happiness is also about making a decision, sticking with it, and finding happiness in what you’ve chosen.

I can go on looking for something else, but for sure, there will be new frustrations and downsides to complain about. Things I cannot imagine now, or at least, am turning a blind eye to because current factors aren’t as good as they should be. Life isn’t perfect, and I have to accept this. There are still benefits and advantages to my present situation, both professionally and personally, that I should be grateful for. For one, I’ve found friends that are worth keeping in the long-term, and whom I know I can rely on no matter what. They were also easy to get along with from the start–something we don’t always find when meeting new people. Cheesy as this may sound, people are the greatest blessings God has given me so far. I’ve met a few bad seeds, but I’m lucky enough to know more than ten people whom I can say hi to and strike up a conversation, dance the night away with, and/or sit down with in a coffee shop. No man is an island. In fact, my island is one huge party!

Professionally, I’m doing what I dreamed of as a career three years ago. Against all odds–technical degree and prior inexperience aside–I am writing and managing the editorial of a few magazines. This is what I envisioned for myself, what I want to do with my life. There’s no turning back now because it’s all I see doing. (Among other, extra endeavors, of course). Making the most out of an opportunity is much more practical than having no opportunity.

So here’s to the present, and seeking happiness, no matter how hard it may seem.

The weeks that were

Living within close range to three of my good friends, and several more newfound ones, makes every night an adventure. There are restaurants to try, movies to see, clubs to dance in, birthdays to celebrate, and stories to be told. Top that with the exasperating commute from Manila to Rockwell (read: it’s not a walk-in-the-park to ride public transpo to a private/posh area), the ‘why am I still even surprised?’ demands of work, the ever persistent traffic of Makati/Manila, and cab drivers who refuse to follow calibration, and you’ve got a busy week ahead.

But this is life. It can be a bitch, but it can also give you one of the best nights of your life. The past few weeks, which have consisted of:

1. A week where I went out EVERY night, and I still managed to stretch a week’s worth of a budget into the days that followed :))
2. A beautiful, beautiful wedding that reminded us guests that true love can still exist in this mad world- Truly a milestone for the lovely couple, and a sign that my college friends and I are truly moving through the ages
3. The final hurrah of my summer, aka the beach trip my high school friends and I have been waiting for in the past 2 months. After the week Chedeng came in, God blessed our beach trip with a clear, blue sky and a sun that gave me an awesome tan.
4. Digital Photographer Philippines’ Fifth Anniversary (two days ago) at Bonifacio Global City or High Street- Tiring and surprising, since it was my first time to work for this event. Nonetheless, it was great to have been part of talks of the country’s best photographers and to have still laughed out all the stress with some of my officemates 😉
5. A friend’s epic birthday celebration (which commenced right after number 3) – The first time I refused tequila (patron, I might add), (no) thanks to number 3. But my feet, after standing and walking the whole day, managed to dance the night away. It’s never a boring moment with the TPD (tequila powered dancers), as usual.
6. Fun, giggly sleepovers in between – The humble bed in the condo has managed to fit three girls! Sleep, of course, is not an operative part of the compound word. Three-fourths of the night is spent laughing, catching up, and never running out of things to talk about.

For today, I look forward to a quiet day at home. These past two weeks in the city have made me miss the calm of the south. I’ll definitely need to reenergize for the weeks ahead, as there’s more work to catch up to, and other responsibilities to attend to. For now, I’m grateful for the excitement and memories that have been made. But more importantly, the constant reminder of how blessed I am to have such awesome, loyal, no-matter-what, friends. Some from the past, others found only in the last year, but all have proven that there’s nothing to fret as long as they’ve got my back.