Well, this is embarassing.

After several determined posts to update this site regularly, the wave that is work took over and directed me otherwise. That, along with still having no installed Internet connection at my weekday flat.

The deadlines at the work place have certainly been stressful, along with the annoying reality of uncooperative and irresponsible parties. Complaints aside, I’m just doing everything to the best of my abilities, despite each to-do list growing longer each day. It got to a point where I couldn’t sleep one night, with all these ideas and unchecked portions in my mental to-do list. That night terrified me, making me think if the stress I put up with is all really worth the trouble. Then I thought, I have responsibilities and I might as well finish them. As disheartening the production process can be, seeing you and your colleague’s worth put together still gives me another kind of feeling.

Work woes aside, I’ve been able to enjoy the southern provinces as well in the last two weekends. During the labor day weekend, The North Face invited me to their 100KM marathon event. During the race coverage, we were brought to the scenic Mt. Isarog, particularly to its majestic waterfalls.

View of the sunrise before we went trekking to the falls
I wasn’t expecting to trek to the falls and capture the sunrise from the top of the mountain, making the trip all the more meaningful and pleasant. I also ‘ran’ 11 kilometers–well, more like walked 9, then ran only 2–in the spirit of joining in the event’s competition. The cramps were awful the next day, but having done the 11KM gave me another unexpected but fulfilling feeling. It also inspired me to be more outdoorsy. The mountains of my country are truly another site, and I hope I can condition my body to experience all of them.
The next weekend, my high school friends plus our adopted friend Amelie took advantage of Sandari Batulao’s free forest trek. 
 My adventurous crew finally arriving after riding the bus from Manila
 A shot of the forest foliage we passed by; the green shade cheated by Canon IXUS’ Foliage setting
The forest trek was long but doable, with a lot of Balete trees’ roots stretching for miles into and up the ground.  Had I been raised by old-school Filipino parents, it would have terrified me to see all these old Balete that towered over what seemed like 50 feet. But, the beauty of the tree’s intricate roots, legendary size, and the calming silence (broken of course, by me and my hyper friends :)) allowed me to appreciate these amazing specimens of nature.
I do live in a beautiful country, and I cannot wait to explore more of its different sights and sounds.

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