I’m still floating in awe from the interview I did the other day. I can’t reveal much details as to who and for what, but I can discuss the more safe to disclose points that inspired me.

A few things this mysterious business manager revealed:
1. G O Y A! Get of your ass. A helpful piece of advised she learned from a motivational speaker.
2. Upon turning on her Macbook air (was also drooling internally at the sexiness of the piece), she showed that the “first things that my computer feeds me are my goals.” What a way to keep track of your life!

These small but incredibly helpful acts really inspired me “to get my act together.” I write this in pursuit of another goal she inspired during the interview: write in my blog every day or every other day. I’ve chosen the difficult path of a writer, and as I read one day in Tumblr, creativity comes through habit and not sudden dawns of inspiration. So here’s to feeding that inspiration and keeping myself dedicated.


An unfortunate thing happened to me yesterday. I woke up at 1am with the most awful pain in my stomach. It was as if my intestines were being pulled in all directions. The most disgusting direction was upwards, which led to several trips to the bathroom. After disposing of the indigestible, my stomach felt slightly relieved but painfully empty. My mother even called my sister for an overseas consult. She put me on a Gatorade and crackers diet that day. After a sleepless and painful early morning, I went to work thinking I could survive a half day time in, but upon arrival, I was already sporting a fever. Thankfully my dad came to pick me up and dropped me off at home. The fever went away with enough rest, a few crackers, and gulps of Gatorade. My stomach is back in fighting form, but I’m keeping it safe by not eating oily foods–the perfect excuse to have sashimi for lunch! I’m looking forward to having some healthy food in the next few weeks. And it’s perfect timing since the coming Holy Week requires a seafood diet for us Catholics. More of a diet really than a sacrifice, as I embrace the deliciousness of fresh fish.

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