A blog a day keeps the stagnancy away

Today, at an interview for one of our magazines, I was reminded how important it is to write. Also, to read.

With the amount of reading and writing (and editing) my job demands, I have forgotten to sit down and enjoy a good book. But since the interview was scheduled in the morning, I was in no rush to get to Guadalupe (the interview venue was just 20 minutes away!). I was able to enjoy a complete breakfast and finish Jeff Lindsay’s Dearly Devoted Dexter.

Then I was off to meet another wonderful and inspiring person in the photography industry. She reminded why I shifted course and decided to write: meeting people like her is like reading a good book. I’m able to learn stories and nuggets of wisdom only age and experience can give. I wonder why people insist on staying young. Growing old opens more possibilities, letting you take risks and come out with lessons no book or teacher can ever give you. The experiences she had given me made me realize the beauty of age, and how living life with a dream can really inspire. I was again reminded why I love what I do, and the steps I have to take to get farther.

The rest of the day unfolded in smiles and the inevitable stress. Since last week, I have given more responsibilities at work, partly due to my seat mate’s departure and how ‘long’ I’ve been with the company. It’s a burden, should I see it more negatively. But I have to believe in my abilities, and forge on with making the most out of this opportunity. It’s also really awesome the people at work make the burdening parts worth fighting for.

I am looking forward to more days like this. Should the opposite happen, then I shall remember everything I learned and stay hopeful.

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