I’m afraid I’ve neglected this side of my cyber space for quite some time. I could say a few things got in the way, such as the lack of Internet at the condo, limited blogging time and access at work, and a few slight changes due to my city-based weekday location. Without a decent connection at the flat, I end up spending more time going out to see friends or simply catch up on my reading. I should be spending more time WRITING too, but alas, I get distracted by the prospect of window shopping, early sleep, or dinner with friends nearby. Not an excuse. Just the truth that I have to admit to myself.

Case in point, another smashing (no alcohol references this time, I promise) awesome Friday night with last week’s birthday girl, my Manila neighbor, my newfound dance partner, and more new introductions (not in this picture):

I danced my troubles away, a luxury I’ve only been able to enjoy recently. On the dance floor, your body is free to move at its own pace, without any regard for any limitation but space. Communication is also so much easier. The beats and harmonies are the same, so your dance partners either follow or give a lead that results in a partnered movement that had no planning in the first place. 
 Friday’s company was also just the right mix–tamang timpla, as local slang likes to describe it. Tamang timpla also reminds me of this bunch–the office bunch:
Can you guess who in the picture won’t be a regular habit come this Monday? Clue: she’s holding the Canon SLR and incredibly tan bag. She’s also known as Out on Seventh Street in the blogosphere. She’s been my job referrer, seatmate, article critic, shopping partner, fellow frustrated editor/writer, and snack eating partner. Come Monday, she will only be a shopping partner but still a very good friend. It’s been awesome working with such a dedicated, talented, and hardworking writer/editor/MIRACLE WORKER (best description of my/your first job, noh?). I only hope I can continue doing the same. But also able to move on, in the future.
So here’s to a new week ahead. Time to move forward. There’s no other way to go. 

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