Last Friday Night

The girl holding the huge cake is Anjelica Uy. She’s holding our surprise, a cake in the shape of her favorite beer: Gilbey’s Premium Strength!
We’ve known each other since the 7th grade, officially, which means we’ve been friends for 10 years! We’ve had lunches together throughout high school and occasional meet ups-slash-meals in college. She’s seen me with braces on and off, and I’ve seen her go from the one who won’t dance to the celebrant bringing the boys and girls to the bar on her 23rd birthday.
The girls, either before we hit the dance floor (because of the drink in my hand) or resting from the night of nonstop dancing 
I wouldn’t have believed 16-year-old me if you told me 7 years ago, that J would throw a crazy, EPIC party like this. A party almost reminiscent of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night.” But she did, and we all welcome change in its sometimes unexpected forms. And what makes our celebration of life even better is the fact our friendship hasn’t changed. 
Thanks for the awesome, legendary, smile-worthy (and sometimes embarrassing-slash-blurry) memories girls and boys of last Friday night 😉 Here’s to hoping for some more! 
Photos care of Lor and Chinky 

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