Apart from my solo trip to Saigon, other moves have happened in the last few weeks. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before, but for about three weeks now, I’ve been living in our flat along Vito Cruz on weekdays. The location is convenient, allowing me to avoid traffic to and from work, thanks to the speed and walking distance of the train. I’ve also been able to meet up with friends who live in the area, letting me see them more often than I did back in Alabang. That, and I appreciate how much more interesting those social interactions are than spending overpriced coffee or cake for the sake of Internet. I have yet to install Internet at our flat, but I’ve been delaying since the need isn’t as pressing.

We’ve also moved office. Unfortunately, the location is not as convenient as my weekday home. It’s in Rockwell, the most uncommutable area in Metro Manila. Top that with the fact food is more expensive and Php 50 meals are nonexistent. I could choose to shelve out more for food, but I’d also like to grow my savings account.

 The South Girl in me actually admitted how Quezon City is so much more accessible compared to the exclusive area known for Powerplant Mall. The train may be fast, but the station I now get down to is much busier, crazier, and not as safe. Cars drive into sidewalks and the people who board the train while others are getting out are much, much more. Also, the jeep ride into the office’s area doesn’t drop me off right in front of the office. It’s a five to ten minute walk after the stop, which is a huge inconvenience come rainy season. To sum it all up: the office is located in the residential area, not the commercial side. So getting to the 9-5 grind is a bitch. I can only hope that the “you’ll get used to it” advice I got from a fellow Taft to Rockwell regular comes true soon. But then again, getting used to it could also mean a sense of resignation.

The best I can do for now is look on the bright side. There are beautiful, wonderful surprises that stay in my life, such as delicious food and the friends who enjoy these delicacies with me. As for everything else that isn’t as easy, time and my courageous efforts can only tell. 


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