Quite a week ahead

Every day wasted online is equivalent to minutes, hours, and in a total, a day of not writing/accomplishing anything.
So, a journal entry for now.
I’ve got lots of packing to do: first, for my flight to Ho Chi Minh on Thursday night; then, the weekday condo life from Monday until I leave Manila.
I’m absolutely terrified and excited for the trip. But definitely more excited, especially after the discouraging career-related events of last week. I definitely need the downtime to enjoy myself, stuff myself silly with noodles, and think about the year ahead. I think getting away from the hectic life of Manila will help. And although I’ve heard Ho Chi Minh is a lot like my home city, a flight away is still a different place.
Eat, pray, love? Well, I definitely don’t need love thanks to my valentine since 2007 (unlessJamesFrancoLeoDiCaprioorAndrewGarfieldareinthesamehotelandareflyingsolotooahahaha), but eat, photo, and shop (pun care of my dear sister), most definitely. I’m not sure what I’ll discover in three days and two nights, but the possibilities I’m more than open to. Maybe it will all just be a refreshing break from the stagnancy of my life in general. Either way, I’m looking forward to time for myself.
Call me selfish, call me a loner. But I learned long ago that time to be a hermit, to think for one’s self is precious, and actually enjoyable. I’m in a steady relationship with quite a catch and I have no complaints when nights are spent with my books or a movie to myself. After the awful fiasco that was my Friday, since friends could not make it to dinner, I retreated to Dave Eggers’s Y.S.K.O.V., hot white chocolate mocha coffee, and Mango marvel from Starbucks (initially supposed to be cheesecake and almond coffee from CBTL, but seats were full that night). Those solo flights make moments with your deepest, angriest, and most uncertain thoughts less scary. There’s time to sort out who I am, where I want to go, and what I need to say anyone in particular the next day.
There’s also time to sit down and put thoughts like these in order.
There’s another week ahead, with more than just Manila’s smog-filled streets and Ho Chi Minh’s motorcycles for me to face. I’m thankful for the weekend, for letting me recharge and muster up the courage to face what stresses me out (and yes, to be frank also those WHO stress) and makes me sigh in exasperation almost every day. Also thankful I won’t be facing it alone—it helps to have such a strong support system in my 9-5 routine.
For now, for those I don’t see as often as I should/once did, see you later. I’ve researched all I can to be safe and not get lost in Saigon. I’ll be sure to follow the locals’ instructions and be as observant as I can to return safely. Haha! And yes, I’ll bring home some goodies, my loves. J  

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