Seeking self-discipline

The problem with perfection is the fact we seek it, but never seem to settle. Standards are set, but someone will always say it’s still not enough–it could have been better. The last few days have been quite a challenge, as I struggle in perfecting an article about one of the world’s most beautiful places. Doing more editing than writing in the last year hasn’t been good to my craft. Mid-sentence, I automatically see what’s wrong and need to battle the urge to correct the grammatical/style error. I need to bleed the words, then let the healing take over when the article’s body is table.

I haven’t been living up to being a writer either. Sure most people see more regular writing gigs and well-marketed bylines as definite signs you’ve made it–but I am only beginning, and the sources of practice to get to that point have not been utilized. I gave up updating my TV blog–recovering it now seems too late. And such bad timing, considering all the shows have returned and I’m already catching up to a well-written one these days.

January is history, but tomorrow offers a new beginning in the form of Chinese New Year. Erase, rewind, renew. Learn and move on. I must move forward. But to understand where I’ll go, steps should be retraced. Now that I have a better idea, let’s hope I stick to my new found determination.

A few new (Chinese) New Year goals:
1. Invest more time in reading. Don’t just use waiting time between going home/going to work.
2. Create and finish what I started.
3. More writing, the editing to come after
4. Find the story in what I find interesting and tell it
5. Take more risks


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