Insights that would never make it on print

“In Manila, you have everything except money.” Anyone who has been cut off since graduation and is stuck in a job that never seems to pay enough would agree with this insight from a restaurant owner I met in Bukidnon. My fellow officemate from Davao, Karla, supported this statement saying that 8k is enough to support yourself in the province. The 15k we make is already a lot down south–but here? Paratin g kulang. “You step out into the city, and you’re already spending.” The restaurant owner elaborated. This hard but constant truth made me realize how meaningless spending in the city can get. We’re always desperately budgeting because shopping malls and restaurants are endlessly built. Sure businesses mean jobs, but does our money really go into things worth spending so much for? We do fall into the lure of advertising, thinking we ‘need’ some new gadget that makes life even more convenient. But how convenient do we really want things? Whatever happened to the fulfilling effort of waiting for something worth spending on or simply being content with the life we’ve already achieved?

It’s amazing what two days and one morning in the province has done to me. Not that I’m completely changed–but I am seriously considering leaving the city in my older/latter life for literally greener and cleaner pastures. Life doesn’t have to be complicated. There are more meaningful experiences that are worth chasing after.

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