Choices and Fate

“That is the remarkable fact, how much we accept what fate has given us.” -Kazuo Ishiguro

Choice, usually comes as an after thought, as much as we don’t like to admit it. It was not our choice to come into this world; it was our parents’ (and had they been using birth control, then that would have been chance, not choice). We have the choice, however, on how to lead our lives with the decisions we make. It is not our choice to slip into a puddle of water and have our knees dislocated. We cannot choose our genetic makeup: upon conception, we are either blessed with less than one history of family disease or more than five heart, bone, and weight problem. We cannot choose our parents, siblings, and relatives. Again, the choices lie in how we deal with the matters and problems at hand.

Do we run away from the inevitable? Do we choose to face it head on, without looking back on what could have been? Do we move one step at a time, carefully forging our path–slowly and somewhat more surely, than taking a dive-like risk.

I could escape, but the consequences will eventually chase me, and grow in an amount not fathomable in weight or volume.

That must be what Mr. Ishiguro meant by accepting our fate. To escape, in reality, is too complicated in the long run. But what we can do is accept reality and see if it’s worth keeping.

Our decisions make us who we become, but fate–accidents, chance, coincidence, serendipity–sets the stage.


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