My sister is leaving for the States in three days. She’s coming back in June, but the lack of a partner-in-crim(inal minds)e, kindred spirit, and bestest ever friend for four months is devastating. You see, we have our own language. It’s not well-developed like Klingon, but when we’re both trying to figure something out, and we have that a-ha! moment at the same time, we both just know we’re thinking the same thing by just saying “YUNG ANO!” It’s almost psychic. We also have numerous private jokes, various pet names, and many more TV shows to watch together.

It hasn’t quite sunk in yet. Maybe it will hit me like train when we drop her off at the airport. Or when the silence in my house becomes unbearable. Or when our favorite celebrity tweets and I realize it would be 14 hours until she reads my e-mail insisting we laugh at what he said. Or when I’m trying to figure out something, with no Internet at hand, and there’s no one to have that a-ha! moment with me.

All I know is, I can’t wait till June. And right now, I think I’m in denial. Thus this blog, to somewhat acknowledge this heartbreaking reality.


2 thoughts on “Whelmed

  1. (Gising ka pa!!!) (Yes. Maybe we're thinking the same thing, re. that last post I wrote. I think.) Aw. I don't have a sister so I could only imagine what it'll be like. (Right now I don't know what to say either.) (Maybe…) On a brighter note, it's a tiny step one at independence? And then, you're off to Vietnam! Bid Atenigela–er, Jan–a happy and safe trip. I don't think any will make up for her temporary absence, except for maybe the knowledge that time passes a lot quicker these days, and with (y)our magazine(s), she'll be back before Ms Olive sends our proofs for our June issues. 🙂

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