Weak in the… Wallet

Come January 14th until the 16th, Fully Booked will be going on sale. I have a Saigon trip less than a month away, plus weekly living expenses in between, so the sacrifice of saving more (and spending less) should be prioritized. Had I hit the financial/gene jackpot and my parents raised me the way they did, then I’d spend my trust fund only on books (and place the rest in the bank). But the inevitability of the Philippine economy (and its colonialism, classicism, etc.) continue to teach me that life is harder for some, and luckier for the few.

So instead of saving more, I decided to earn more. For the sake of books: The Walking Dead, Book I, Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro, and You Shall Know Our Velocity! by Dave Eggers. I’ll be clocking in two nights of freelance work all for the love of page turning and literary word travel.

I would add more to the must buy list, but my 300 peso copy of Saturday by Ian McEwan is waiting in line.


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