New spaces

In my house, tables aren’t exactly workspaces. Once you have fully explored and observed the second floor, you will find study desks and wooden surfaces stocked with books, pens, papers, test papers (of my mom’s students), boxes–all kinds of information and crap imaginable resting in supposed work/study/play tables. Laptops are placed on beds or on our bellies on lazy days. In my case, sometimes it rests on my chair. Ever since graduation, I haven’t exactly prioritized my table.

But a few days ago, I decided to clean all the crap out and leave space for the newly acquired things in my life. My book collection has expanded, and so have my notebooks. Thanks to the generosity of three of my favorite people in the world, Sam Modina, my sister, and my boyfriend Benjo, I now have Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter in the Dark (second in the series) and Sieg Larrson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Now I’ve got a wider makeshift bookshelf on my ‘study desk’, along with other purchases I have yet to read, hee. There’s also an actual writing/typing space, which I shall utilize this 2011 to:

  • Properly go over my daily expenses and future earnings/savings/spendings
  • Write short stories, do writing exercises, and maybe work on an essay I can submit to a contest
As everyone’s facebook and twitter statuses proclaim, 2011 is a year to own. In my case, it’s a year to make space for productivity and room for new stories to start and finish. 
Apart from literary inspirations and aspirations, it’s also the year to get my bake on. So far, I’ve made cookies, red velvet cupcakes, and the classic apple pie.
A gorgeous shot of my red velvet cupcakes c/o Johna. Cream cheese frosting decoration done by my sister.
This year, my parents gifted me with a KitchenAid Electric Mixer. It was literally, all I wanted for Christmas.
I think I love baking as much as writing. Having said that, it’s a lot less frustrating since the products are a lot easier to present to an audience and determine in terms of goodness. I actually feel warm and fuzzy inside when I give out cookies at work and they go “YUM!” That, and I don’t plan on making a living out of this delicious hobby (but I don’t mind doing small orders, of course ;). Thus, more enjoyment and less frustration.
So far, we’ve made Eggnog that two families have enjoyed c/o the electric mixer. Next on my list: peach cobbler, moar apple pie for New Year’s, and carrot cake. I’ve even plotted out the holidays/birthdays where I can bake more cake! 
I’m definitely looking forward to a new year of discoveries, flavors, places, and writers. đŸ˜‰

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