My delicious 23rd birthday

December is my favorite time of the year for three reasons: the long vacation, Christmas, and my birthday. Parties are a bitch to schedule but I’ve always had my day free thanks to the holiday fever. I decided to go all out this year, and took a day trip eating my way through Tagaytay. In between digesting all the food, we enjoyed the view along the road and stopped by Chapel on the Hill to say a little prayer. The view there was breathtaking, with the cool breeze calming my usually stressed mind. Up on the mountain with lush mountains and fields below and towards the horizon, I felt an inner piece knowing I have and am blessed: a complete family, a wonderful other half, ever supportive friends, a decent job, food and shelter, and the ability to work and persevere. Life has truly been good to me.

Also, my belly is full and the treadmill is calling. My tastebuds are still hungover from the fantastic menu(s) my family, Benjo, and I feasted on today:

Brunch- Bag of Beans
  1. Breakfast Sampler (Hashbrowns, bacon strips, ham, sausage, pancake)
  2. Shepherd’s Pie
  3. Steak and Mushroom Pie
  4. Cinnamon and Raisin Bread with Jam and Butter
  5. Barako Coffee
Late Lunch- Manos Greek Taverna
  1. Greek Salad
  2. Spanakopita (Spinach pie with Feta Cheese :D)
  3. Moussaka
  4. Two plates of Lamb Shoulder
  5. Baklava (oppa!)
‘Dinner’ – Frutti Tutti
Mango froyo with Peaches and White Chocolate Syrup
After around six hours of digesting all this (and froyo to cap off the night), midnight hunger now calls me. But I shall save that for my second day of being 23 21. Here’s to a new beginning and the ever awesome blessing of knowing the universe and my loved ones always have my back. 

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