Life, Unexpected

The last month of 2010 has less than two weeks left, and Christmas is just six hours away. I’ve had a blessed holiday season so far. It hasn’t been perfect, as life will always give its share of downs. But last night, after spending an impromptu Christmas dinner with office mates, then shopping for last minute gifts with two good friends, and capping off the night talking to my loved one, I realized the discouragements of the universe are only challenges. The universe has taught me well, insisting I persevere and stay sane simply because there are people in my life who give me reasons to go on.

As the year wraps up and friends and family come together, everyone is also forced to reflect on the year that has past. Along with the ‘Top (insert number here) Best (insert product/idea here)’ lists we’ll be making, there are also personal lists and resolutions to make. I don’t believe in the latter, so I think I’ll stick to a retrospective: events/people/things in 2010 that I never saw coming. Looking back at the joy, laughter, tears, and frustrations of the year, there was so much I did not expect to happen but stuck with and went through anyway. Here goes:

1. Resigning less than year at my first job
– For security’s sake and formality reasons, it’s been advised that one should stay at their job at least a year. Unfortunately, I found reasons not to stick it out any longer simply because my security was compromised. I don’t regret the job itself because I do recall needing the job. Every fresh grad takes the first thing they can get, out of boredom and a lack of stable disposable income. I don’t regret taking it all together, as without it, I wouldn’t have felt independence and started on my savings. Finances aside, it also made me realize I did want to pursue writing for the rest of my life. There has been nothing else and I haven’t looked back.

2. My sister’s accident
– I used to be a firm believer in planning. Not that I’ve turned totally careless, but the life-changing my dear sister went through this year taught me that one small, unexpected moment can change what you’ve planned and prepared for years. You have to be ready; you have to be on guard. There has to be a back up plan. And if you’re not sure about plan B, then you move forward one step at a time. The movements are slow at first (literally and figuratively for my sister), but the road to overcoming challenges becomes easier. And some pretty awesome people will come along to support you through it all. Entropy exists, but as humans, we always find ways to cope and find order in chaos.

3. Moving out temporarily
– In relation to the second event, and other unspeakable (at least online) circumstances, I moved into my lola’s for a while. I got a taste of living up north, which was refreshing and polluting at the same time. Refreshing since it made us three gals closer, and discovered which friends make the effort of contact despite the distance. It was an awakening of sorts, as I found myself outside of my ‘roots’ and comforts in Alabang. At the same time, I got to spend time getting close to two of my new officemates going up north via the MRT. Thus…

4. Meeting more than 2 long-term friends
– I discovered and got to know the wonderful people of my office. I rarely click instantly with a lot of people, but it so happened it didn’t take long before I made some pretty, awesome, crazy friends. They’ve been a total boost of confidence and a booster/stabilizer when things get crazy at the office–which is a huge plus for the unglamorous part of our jobs. (Wait, it isn’t glamorous, at all. Haha)

5. Hoarding dice and playing a swordmage/dwarf/warlord almost every week
– My sister’s accident not only led to new living circumstances and perspectives. We learned several new games, the first being Dungeons and Dragons (then Shadowrun), care of our good friends at My Girlfriend is a DM. One is never too old to roleplay…or rather, play pretend, as the game challenges one to stretch their imagination. It’s a lot more engaging than press and play video/computer games, and it’s lovely to see how the spontaneity of the human condition creates unexpected stories.

6. Booking a flight to a foreign land by myself
– After six months of editing and drooling over travel pieces (and a year before, writing about places I didn’t know or experience), I knew it was high time for me to be out there myself. One Cebu Pacific promo later, and I have a 3-night trip to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) booked for February. Not sure yet if I’ll be travelling alone, but either way, I am more than excited. I can’t wait to soak up and digest the culture of my Southeast Asian neighbor.

7. Three years into a relationship
– Five years ago, if you told the then-me that I would be with a sweet, kind, loyal, smart, cheerful, and prettymucheverythingawesome (I am rarely this cheesy, c’mon. Haha. I make a face at the suggestion to get us matching shirts for Christmas) guy, I’d laugh and think it impossible. But I am, and we’ve been at it for three years. Every Christmas/birthday/year to come is warmer thanks to having him. 🙂

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