How being an adult stole Christmas

Once upon a time I was 17. During that time, I told myself I’d never turn into a cynical, ‘unpatriotic’ adult. I promised myself that I would hold on to hope for this country. I promised myself that I would find reasons to smile and not be cynical.

Then I turned 20. Now I’m 22, and in a week, 23. It’s been six years, and I’ve broken that promise. And I come across this realization on the supposed-season-to-be-jolly. But for me (and a few of my dear friends), it isn’t. I want to end the year with a sunny disposition and my best foot forward. I want to choose happiness, but I end up running back to frustration, disappointment, and negativity.

I think I’ll quote some great songs to capture this un-holiday moment:

I’m stuck in a moment I can’t get out of.

I need the dog days to be over.

I think I’m also slowly understanding what Katy Perry meant by feeling like a plastic bag drifting through the wind.


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