What Else is There?

Women are natural hoarders. As much as we hate to admit it, we have those moments when our boyfriends/dads/brothers/bro-friends scoff or roll their eyes at our ‘unbelievable’ spending habits. It takes a lot of will power for us to resist buying more-than-one of one-kind of thing. Yes, we hate to admit to our shopaholic moments, but how else can one explain the number of women-oriented ads that overpower guy products? We women like to look good and feel good as a result, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Some women collect shoes. Others collect books. And then are those that collect gaming dice. There are also girls who obsess Chucks. Whatever your taste or collection, closets and cabinets are brimming with representations of our personality.

Of course, there comes a point when too much makes hoarding, HOARDING. There are, after all, bills to pay, food we need to eat, and commute expenses that take us to our paying jobs. As much as we tend to be shopaholics, no one wants to end up like Becky Bloomwood.

I’m not quite sure what I’m collecting but so far, my hoarding female habit has filled my table/cabinets/shoe closet with the following:

  1. Gaming dice! I posted a pic in a previous collection, and I got some new ones from My Girlfriend is a DM‘s POLYHEDRAL: Triple Crit Event. I was oh-so-tempted at said event to get my hands on some light blue ones, but SAIGON 2011 has required me to resist the splurge of temptation. Also, someone else bought it as the night ended, the ultimate sign it wasn’t meant for me.  
  2. Black flats – Mostly a combination of me and my mom’s shoe collection, but as I was deliberating over my shoe outfit choices, I realized I have too much! They do match (almost) every outfit, but doesn’t a girl need variety more than quantity? 
  3. Necklaces – Need I say more? It’s the complementary piece to any plain-colored outfit. I had to buy a necklace case just to keep them from getting lost in my room.
  4. BOOKS – My library has grown significantly this year, thanks to employment and unemployment (the former funds it and the latter gives the time). New additions: Hunger Games, Percy Jackson Series, Dexter Series by Jeff Lindsay, Ian McEwan’s titles…. and I’m not even finished yet. To come: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the rest of McEwan’s work, Dave Eggers, and Malcolm Gladwell (the last two authors are up for completion). Oh, and I also collect magazines (besides the ones I work for, of course).

Hmmm, I do wonder how my profile would read, given these ‘collections’. I do know, though, that the journey to ‘completing’ my book, dice, and necklace habit isn’t finished yet.


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