Today, I probably made…wait, I did make my most impulsive buy to date: a round trip ticket from Manila to Ho Chi Minh. I’ve been wanting to treat myself to travel (you’d be surprised how much actual travel I get working for a travel magazine, haha), having an enormous desire to turn long stares into foreign lands on the computer screens into an actual, complete, all five-senses experience. And so I made it happen, coincidentally happening after my mother gave me a pseudo-blessing (that, and my passport arriving last Saturday):

Backstory- My mom had a Vietnam trip scheduled for work in 2011, and I was planning to tag along.
Mom: My trip to Vietnam is in July. I might not be in the country then.
Gela: Looks like I have to go there on my own then.
Mom: Looks like. Be careful in crossing the street there.

And just three hours later, Cebu Pacific decided to give a promo fare for all flights on January to March 2011 to Ho Chi Minh. The universe was yelling GO FOR IT, and I did. Vietnam was the first thing that came to mind a few months ago, when I decided to choose one place to travel out of my own budget and will. Why? It’s Southeast Asia (no need for visa) and it’s affordable. Culture wise, there’s much to be discovered, especially with the FOOD. Okay, maybe the FOOD really was my primary reason. But do you blame me?

Here’s to a rocking three days in February 2011! For anyone who wants to tag along, tell me! And I’ll give you my scheduled days of the trip :).

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