After weeks of editing, surprise overtime, proofing, and printer woes–last night, OLIVE magazine officially launched in the Philippines!

RELIEF has become ENTHUSIASM since I’ve worked in publishing. Haha.
The (other) most awesome copy editor I know, posing with the fruit (or duck) of our labor. 
These pictures came from before the launch itself commenced, which had quite a turnout. Making it even more deliciously decadent were the wine selections, sinful cheese bread snacks (as one photographer/writer put it, “It felt like I was doing something wrong every time I bit into it.” I may have added more innuendo in his words, but you get the idea), over-rhummed coke, and…. I can’t recall anymore. After that vodka-with-some-sprite drink, the night became a blur. But a fun, unforgettable, blur nonetheless. Nothing like a happy night spent with some of my favorite girls and guys in the world. Other highlights of the night? Businessman and/or chef eye candy. AND being able to dance TGIF with the boyfriend. 
The craziness that makes each day at the office brighter: Rina, France, and Johna.
Far left: the beautiful artist behind Olive’s layout, Ms. Karla Degrano! Congratulations!
Photos care of my favorite graphic artists, Benjoe Magnaye and Rina Ramos. 
Back to reality tomorrow. Ah life, how your extremes please and torture. 

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