Social (Network) Change

You haven’t seen the facebook movie? THE facebook movie? The one everyone’s been updating about on Facebook? Then I suggest you get your ass to a cinema (or to a torrent site). It’s probably more worth your time than Eat Pray Love or Life As We Know It.

The Social Network has everything every other movie of the year has missed out on. While other films are so focused on making the ‘next-hottest’ 3D movie, marketing the latest ‘IT’ stars, or repeating yawn-worthy rom-com formulas, this one ignored the plea of ticket sales and went right down to a website that has defined our generation: It’s the website we automatically load along with our e-mails and sneak peeks (or more) of during work. No special 3D effects needed–just something everyone can identify with.

The movie begins with young billionaire Mark Zuckerberg on an awkward date with his ex-girlfriend, Ericka Albright. Although the journalist in me thought ‘how much of this is fictionalized and sensationalized, and which parts are truth?’, the conversation going on between them can very well happen in real life. All hype has told us Zuckerberg is an asshole, but at this scene, he just came off as socially awkward–a human being with flaws and emotions, just like the rest of us. It’s the best introduction an influential person can get on screen.

After a sudden break up, Zuckerberg storms to his room to blog about their end. Sound familiar? Haven’t we all turned to our online outlets to release steam that would otherwise be disrespectful in face-to-face public? He also blogs this in 2003, when still had that light blue design. Bloggers of today will smile in nostalgia. Ahhh, LJ days (cringes in embarrassment and smiles). 

The rest of the movie unfolds to introduce how everyone’s online addiction came about. Although I wouldn’t call it incredibly gripping, to the point of exaggerated words, it is striking. The movie executes like a captivating story told by a good friend; a story you’ve been itching to hear for quite some time.You don’t want to leave the room, you have to know what goes on next. But what draws you isn’t over dramatics or sudden surprises–it’s the fact everything identifies so well with what we are experiencing as people. Billions aside, Zuckerberg and Saverin had a friendship we all value or would regret losing. And because we all have that kind of friendship, the viewers are torn, and cannot really take a side. When do we really take sides when it comes to people in real life? As sensationalized/fictionalized the movie may have been, the characters’ flaws, advantages, and experiences were presented equally and leave you wondering who really was the winner in the end, settlements and billions of dollars aside. There’s also, of course, the technological advances facebook has brought to our online social life: knowing a person’s relationship status at a click of the button, exclusivity among your circle, and being able to ignore a friend request.  

Stellar performances from all sides of the cast carry the slightly dramatic storyline through. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield (eye candy aside for the latter, haha). Justin Timberlake also got it down pat with his depiction of Napster’s Sean Parker. If an actor manages to annoy the hell out of you through a screen, then their potential will go far. And although he looks nothing like the real Sean Parker, one can honestly say Timberlake has all media forms covered.

Whatever side, feeling, or awe you are left with after seeing this movie, one’s thing for sure: you’ll log into facebook and update your status about it. And that my friends, is why you should see this movie. How much influence does Zuckerberg and the rest of the founders have over you? And what did they do to get you there?


3 thoughts on “Social (Network) Change

  1. I really want to watch this movie, but the torrent files uploaded are too messed up to watch. Maybe I should invest in the cinema version. Hahaha

  2. Nice review *claps* ^_^Zuckerberg has influenced me…No, Andrew Garfield.I've lost all coherence because Andrew Garfield is cute that's all there is to socialize about. lol.And Justin Timberlake did pull off a good job! That's the only performance in which I didn't like him. Hehe.

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