Why my blog is suddenly worth reading

In our sensory-based world, it takes more than a captivating introduction to get readers going. There’s no better combination than kick ass aesthetics and meaningful, thought-provoking content. I’ve got the former covered, thanks to my lovely friend/co-worker/TLS alumni buddy:

That’s Johna in the middle of lunch, still looking good (nacks!). We’ve got her to thank for Chasing cars at the speed of light‘s redefined design. Much love and thanks girlfriend! I was at a loss as to how to translate my identity and design preferences into this blog. I just gave her a few suggestions, and boom! She nailed it. You’ve definitely still got that artistic ability. Don’t lose hope. 🙂


One thought on “Why my blog is suddenly worth reading

  1. Aw you're so very sweet! :* I look constipated here I don't know why. :)) In any case, anytime my dear! And thank you, I will keep practicing. ^_^And your post after this made me go "Awwwww" too! ;> Congrats to you guys! And ang cheesy magpaburger naman kayo! :))

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