According to Wikipedia,

Three-peat is a portmanteau of the words three and repeat, which has been trademarked for commercial use by retired basketball coach Pat Riley in commercial uses

 They say that love is a game, but I believe the journey to love is only when games are played. Once you are done with all the hits and misses, you start playing as a team in the game of life and create your own victories.

Three years ago, on October 27, he asked me to be his girlfriend during The LaSallian’s then Silver Quill event. 
The ‘traditional’ couple shot we have three years running now, taken at this year’s Quill event. Our first Silver Quill ‘couple’ shot is on my side table. I had longer hair then, was still wearing black, and he wasn’t wearing the blazer.
A modest but meaningful lunch at Persian Grill to celebrate our three-peat, last October 27, 2010.
Happy anniversary my dear! I can’t wait to celebrate more. 
Now, go eat brie or feta cheese.

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