A letter to my rents

Dear Dad and Mom,

Thank you for not spoiling me silly. As much as I want to pull money out of my ass and buy all kinds of outfits, plane tickets, and maybe a condominium, I do appreciate that we’re living a moderate life. Despite always lusting over money and wanting to win the lottery, I do know how to work hard to actually earn money, save it for a rainy day, and be creative in getting what I need/want. I have met people who complain at the slightest bit of hard work or simply do nothing when even a small job is handed to them. You’ve taught me that being that useless and brainless is more embarrassing than not making a lot of money. It’s like how, in the end, I do have more respect for the manong selling candies in the bus than a socialite wasting her trust fund money on drugs and parties. The former works hard, is resourceful despite his limitations, while the latter squanders the opportunities given to them.

But it is frustrating to always see the latter in the spotlight, basking in opportunity and the glamor that comes with their power and connections. I do hope one day I grow wise and content like you are now, and such a frustration won’t matter.

Much love,


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